Vodafone: 4G calling & WiFi calling

An animation that explains how Vodafone is improving mobile connections for voice calls from inside our homes.

We created an animation that explains the technique that telecom provider Vodafone uses to improve mobile connections for voice calls inside homes and other buildings. The new 4G network delivers a much stronger signal. It can deliver a good connection straight through thick walls, isolated glass and complete buildings. Therefore, it now is not only available for mobile internet, but also for voice calls. Vodafone also comes with a nice back-up technology: If your connection still has any problems, which is unlikely, your WiFi network at home will help to remain a steady mobile connection. This way you can have voice calls without any problems from inside your home. To get a better understanding of how it all works, check out the animation!


Client: Vodafone
Agency: Glasnost
Creative direction: Richard Beerens, Tim Keen
Design and animation: Richard Beerens, Philippa Williamson